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Why I Am Still Waiting For That I Am Number Four Sequel

Why I Am Still Waiting For That I Am Number Four Sequel

When the movie I Am Number Four was released in 2011, Alex Pettyfer had just recently become famous for playing the lead role in the film. However, Pettyfer believes that there won’t be a sequel because of this. He said in an interview with Metro UK, “I think it’s probably not going to happen.” He continued, “It would have been great if it did come out but I don’t know. It’s up to the studios.” I am a huge fan of the first film, but I was rather disappointed with the sequel. After going on a whirlwind adventure that left my heart pounding, I wanted to know more about Alex Pettyfer. Where did he come from? What happened to him before we met him? Where is he now? The lack of answers made me feel cheated. Alex explained why the movie wasn’t as good in his interview with The Daily Beast: “I think people were wanting to get more about Sam and Buttercup, and I don’t think that [David] Goyer had anything else for us.”

How I Am Number Four Changed Pettyfer for the Better

The movie I Am Number Four changes everything for Alex Pettyfer’s character, but it also changed him for the better. Pettyfer goes from being a douchebag to someone who is capable of doing anything, including fighting off a bazillion alien replicates. On the surface it seems that I Am Number Four was a one-hit wonder. However, the film had a significant impact on the actor playing the protagonist, Alex Pettyfer. Pettyfer agreed to take on the role of Dan in order to have an opportunity to develop his craft and explore other projects. He found this opportunity with I Am Number Four and would not take me up on my offer to continue filming with him again if I Am Number Four were never released.

What It Would Take For That Sequel to Happen

It’s been three years since the movie, i am number four 2 and i am number four sequel, was released. I think that it’s time for a sequel, so here are some things that the movie would have to do. If there is one thing that I am passionate about, it is movies and whatever happens with this sequel would make me happy. John Green has been pretty busy since his first book was published in 2007, but I still don’t think he has a sequel planned for I Am Number Four. When he announced that he would be releasing a sequel to the book this summer, I had more hope than before. Now, with less than two weeks until the release date, we’re still waiting.

John Green released a video on YouTube about how the publishing world has changed and wonders if publishers are willing to risk investing in books like he used to. I have mixed feelings about I Am Number Four. It is one of my favorite books, but it didn’t live up to the hype. So knowing that the sequel was a no go, I was really excited when they announced I Am Number Six. Both movies were a little hit or miss with me. The films had great action scenes and were well casted, but there were a ton of anticlimactic moments and it seemed like the films wanted to take themselves seriously rather than being fun. All in all, it would seem that we’ll never see an I Am Number Four sequel happen on screen.

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